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O'Kelly's Custom Carpet & Painting Inc is here to help you select the perfect, most durable flooring for what your business needs. We specialize in flooring products for hotels, motels, your bed and breakfast, schools, daycare centers, restaurants, places of worship, your office or store. Our experienced contractors will come to your business, assess what you would like with the needs of your business and write up a free estimate. We at O’Kelly’s understand that to get the most out of your investments you need to be well informed of the materials and all your options to assure their longevity and appeal. Have a look at our services to see all O'Kelly's Custom Carpet & Painting Inc can do for your business.

Commercial Carpeting: Classic. Cost effective. Quiet.

New commercial carpeting is a solid investment that will last for years to come. All of our commercial carpets are incredibly durable, colorfast and stain resistant. And because our employees take extra care during the installation process, we ensure a top-notch job every time. Check out some of the advantages of commercial carpeting below.

Room for Design

Though we have plenty of basic, utilitarian styles to choose from, we love the opportunity to add style and warmth to commercial spaces with design-inspired carpeting. From patterns to color schemes, we can work with you to choose a look that complements your space without overwhelming it.

Tough Stuff

Our commercial carpeting is specifically engineered for high traffic spaces. From durable backing to stain-resistant fibers, our carpets have what it takes to stand up to years of use. During the consultation process, we will tell you all about the advantages and care requirements of our commercial carpeting.

A Better Working Environment

Nearly every commercial environment benefits from carpet. In offices, hotels and restaurants, it considerably reduces noise while warming up rooms and reducing energy bills. More importantly, it reduces the risks of slipping and falling, keeping your employees safe. Finally, it’s one of the most affordable commercial flooring styles available, which translates to big savings for your business.